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Holy crap woman!!! These photos are AMAZING! Amazing. I am blown away. If I were the President, I would ask you to be our family photographer. In my heart, I'd like you to come on all of our vacations and take the pix b/c clearly you capture the moments beautifully. Unreal. Thank you dear one.- dana jennings, ventura, california.

When Dan and I got engaged, we sat down and contemplated what our "dream wedding" would look like, then each made a priority list. On both: Pictures! Everyone kept saying to me, "You can spend all your time fussing over centerpieces, food, the dress...but once the day is over (and it flies by!), all you have left are the photos." Seeing how I'm historically an overly-sentimental person with a bad memory, I knew we had to find the absolute BEST photographer possible. So I scoured the internet for days and eventually (luckily) came across Dana's website. I was instantly hooked. Not only is she great with color, with scenery, with angles--she can somehow capture all emotions present in a place within a single shot. This stunned me. I found myself staring at other people's wedding photos and feeling as if I was there, sharing in their day. After contacting Dana and embarrassingly babbling on about how great her work is, she responded with the same warm and spirited tone that her pictures contain. And that's when I really knew that she was the right photographer for us. She is a true artist who shoots weddings. But she doesn't take for granted her talent. She also took the time to get to know us and our personalities. The end result is that we have gorgeous, amazing portraits that instantly bring the whole day back to us in a tangible way. What a gift!- teresa & dan, married 4.18.09

Dana, I can't stop looking at these photos. You are so talented! Thank you for making our wedding so memorable, and for busting out the photos so fast. I forwarded Laura (Brazil) the photos and she was blown away as well. She doesn't want to show me hers now!! Jason and I are touched by how much effort and consideration you put into each photo. Mom and I cried while watching the slideshow. Your thoughtfulness really means a lot to us. We are so lucky to have found you. I can't wait until I have little nuggets for you to photograph!Graciously,Daye and Jason, married 10.25.08

Dana! How many times can I tell you how awesome you are at what you do? I just want to put you in my pocket so I'll always have you near to capture all of our special moments. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your talent for photography and editing. You're so much fun, working with you was such a pleasure. We loved your enthusiasm and were so very impressed by your professionalism while still being able to be flexible and prompt. We cannot wait to do it again! Wilmington and its surrounding areas are very lucky to have you!- kaylyn, dusty & jackson strickland

We absolutely love our wedding pictures. We both thought Dana was awesome when we first met her and just knew she was the perfect person to document our small affair. Everybody who sees the photos are awed and stunned with the collection. The shots, the editing and a gorgeous background made for phenomenal photographs. We wouldn't have these amazing memories without the talent of Dana.- jen & chad jay, married 5.17.08

Dana did such a fabulous job on my son's headshots. She really captured the "sparkle" in his eyes and his joy for life. I have great hopes that her work will open more acting doors for him so that he can continue to pursue his dream. What a great job from a great photographer...and super sweet as well. Thanks so much.- william & sherri yelton

Loved the pics. There were so many brilliant shots it was hard to choose. You captured some amazing shots of Brayden. Thanks again. We will be calling on you again soon.- marlene & brayden

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