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about dana

I absolutely adore what I do. I love people. I love making "ordinary" things beautiful. I love the tiny details in life that most people overlook. My dog Ava is my favorite thing in the world. I'm a total music nerd. I'm absolutely obsessed with traveling and documenting every step along the way. I love the color blue. I have a bit of a nail polish fetish. I love dresses, but I'm much more of a tomboy.

I've been fascinated with photography ever since I was a little kid, where I'd sit rummaging through family photos every chance I got. I had to own every Polaroid camera that came out while I was growing up, fascinated with the instant gratification.

I love making people feel their absolute best & bringing out the sparkle in everyone. Hearing "that's the best photo of me ever" NEVER gets old. I adore creating lasting relationships with my clients -- from engagements to weddings to babies to birthday parties! Knowing the images I create will be cherished for a lifetime and beyond, is such an incredible gift to me. I can only hope I can share those memories with your family + friends too!

Looking forward to hearing from YOU!!

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